Iron Man 3

I can appreciate why a lot of comic-book fans don’t like Iron Man 3. It completely destroyed a fan favourite villain and Guy Pearce’s Killian left a lot to be desired. For me, however, this is the best of the Iron Man films and one of the better MCU films out there, simply because it took a different road than others and became a character piece about a man who was broken by the trauma of war, coming to terms with who he now is, both with an without his suit.

Stark sits next to his suit

Besides, how could one even approach “The Mandarin” without being racist? The character is the worst stereotype of Chinese “villains” of the sixties, and any respect given to such a terrible character would only disrespect our modern thinking. No, I enjoyed that it turned into a ploy, just as I enjoyed Tony having to deal with the fact he nearly died in Space after fighting Aliens he only just discovered existing.  I very much enjoyed seeing the genius of Stark come out through some old-fashioned detective work and the macgyvering of some gadgets to take on Killian without his suit.

The only part I really didn’t enjoy was the end sequence of Tony destroying all the Iron Man suits. Who would believe that he would do that? In fact, the gesture was completely empty considering, next time we see him, he has autonomous drones controlled by his AI and a suit specifically designed to “Bust a Hulk.”


In the end, I have little to say about Iron Man 3. What worked, worked very well, and there was emotion in it that we had not really seen in any MCU before. It was a little darker without going too dark (as the next film did). It wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely one of the better ones.


Rating: 6th of 18.