Growing Up

“I swear. If you do it, Mickey, I’m gonna scream so loud!”

“You’re such a cry-baby.” John was getting to be no fun. Maybe it was the age gap thing. It wasn’t as big an issue before but now we are getting older, and I have more independence. Isn’t this the time you are meant to experiment, anyway? Make some mistakes? Gotta have adventures before you get really old. It won’t be long until all I will want to do is lay in bed playing with my phone or sitting in front of Netflix eating ice cream from the tub.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I love ice cream as much as the next person. If allowed, I’d probably have it for breakfast. But I’m past the point where I’d just stick anything in my mouth without thinking about it first.

If I stand on tiptoe I can just reach over the fence and get the latch. Sure, I know if I get caught on the other side I’ll be in a lot of trouble. I’ll be trespassing, technically, I guess. I definitely know I should not be over there, but it is just too tempting.

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