To Infinity and Beyond!

Today marks eighteen days until the climax of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Infinity War”. Fans expect a conclusion to a plot that has been building for 18 movies and the beginning of a new phase. Whether or not the success of Marvel will continue past “Infinity War” is hard to guess, but we do know that this coming movie is supposed to break box office records all over the place, and contain the largest cast of superheroes put together (67 main characters from previous films are to appear, although this does include side-kicks, loves and villains).

In excited anticipation for the film, I’ve decided to spend the next 18 days discussing each and every one of the previous MCU films, starting today with “Iron Man”. I’m going to rank them in order of my personal enjoyment, and I’m going to be wrong in a lot of people’s eyes. I’m not a massive comic book nerd, but I am a nerd. They are not meant to be reviews, and I’m sure sometimes I might even talk more about events or characters than the movies, but hopefully, you will enjoy the thoughts of a fan as they talk about the good, the bad and the flat-out hilarious moments in the MCU.

Thanos from the comics